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The Group

The Q GROUP is an independent group starting its activity in Luxembourg in 2009 offering diversified financial​ services such as financial consulting and engineering, asset management, trustee and advisory services, and​ including a platform able to deliver to institutional, professional and HNWI clients innovative solutions in the​ capital market sector.

The principal activity of the group is the creation and management of investment vehicles, both collective and ​not, especially designed for the following types of clients:

Institutional Investors (Banks, Investment Companies, Management Companies, Insurance Companies and ​Pension Funds)

Professional Investors (Foundations, independent consultants, family offices, financial advisors, Trust ​specialists, global wealth managers and private SME)

Private investors (HNWI - High Net Worth Individuals)​

The Companies

Our Services

Q Group Capital operating through out Europe since 2009, with companies based in ​Luxembourg, Switzerland , Malta and Sweden and with activities in the following sectors:

  • Wealth management
  • Management of collective investment funds (SIF, RAIF, SICAR, AIF) with greater ​experience in Private Equity and Real Estate
  • Set up and management of securitization vehicles (regulated or not)
  • Issuance and listing of ABS and Securitization Bonds
  • Business internationalization & global market positioning
  • Due diligence on projects and companies
  • Family Office
  • Trust Services
  • Crowd funding
  • Investment & commercial banking financial services - Principal Protected Guarantee ​Fund
  • De-Risking, credit enhancement-mitigation & wraps for financial institutions, ​sovereigns and Off-takers
  • Trade & Structured Finance platform for banks, trade finance groups and commodity ​traders
A Snow Covered Mountain Under the White Sky

The Objective

The objective of the Q Group Capital is to design and manage tailor-made ​financial instruments in line with the needs and expectations of the clients ​– both institutional and private – exploiting the experience and ​internationality of the Luxembourg investment funds industry and its ​players. Additionally, offer uncorrelated guaranteed returns with low ​volatility in a capital guaranteed structure, converting investor’s capital ​and assets into structured TF & commodity transactions with additional ​layers of risk mitigation and principal protection.

Q Group Capital offers its know-how for the creation of products and the ​pledge of securities in favor of both institutional and corporate clients that ​are seeking to set-up the appropriate investment vehicles & funds. In ​addition the integrated management of family assets, offering global ​financial solutions throughout the process, from the development phase to ​the adopted solution. The creation of the vehicle up to the authorization ​process, and the marketing of the vehicle within the EU and the global ​market, where applicable.

The Values


The independence to deliver solutions aside from the limitation ​of any banking, insurance or financial group is the greatest ​guarantee we are able to offer. Q group Capital provide a service ​free of any conflict of interest.

Tailor-made services and exclusive solutions

No pre-packaged solution: Q Group Capital is focused to ​offer reliable and responsive high-quality services by treating​ each client individually, taking the time to understand their​ particular situation, needs and future expectations and​ ensuring that proposed solution continue to meet the​ir requirements in an ever-changing worl​d​.

Pr​ofessionalism and experience of the Management

The accumulated experience and the deep knowledge of the ​financial markets allow Q Group Capital to act as global ​reference point for services connected to the investment fund ​industry and structured finance.There are any number of ​programs and underwritings that we can implement, and we ​have the latitude to structure and arrange these programs on ​either a one off transaction by transaction basis or alternatively, ​we can arrange cover on a portfolio basis.

Confidentiality, professional ethics, discretion and fully data ​protection

Q Group Capital carries out its activities based on high ethical ​standards of honesty and fairness, transparency of behavior, ​strict compliance with the principles and rules, in order to ​guarantee a high quality service and to ensure confidentiality, ​discretion and data protection and maintain reliable and long-​lasting relationship with clients and partners.

The Mission

The main target of Q Group Capital is to offer to institutional ​and professional client as well as to wealthy individuals and ​families, the opportunity to take advantage of the ​prerogatives offered by the Luxembourg’s financial center – ​leading country in Europe and a center of excellence for the ​investment fund industry - and to provide a complete ​consulting service before, during and after the creation of ​the investment vehicle. The goal is to offering global and ​innovative solutions that can provide real value to the ​clients through the expertise of our partner member ​companies.

The Experience

The professional experience gained by Q Group Capital has ​allowed it to develop a range of services able to meet the needs ​of any type of client. Q Group Capital employs a multilingual staff ​team, highly qualified and specialized with a proven track record ​in the legal, financial and administrative fields.

Q Group Capital can also take advantage of the great tradition ​and authority as well as the internationality of the Luxembourg ​investment fund industry.

Q Group Capital together with other Group companies manage, ​and have managed over the years, over 50 investment funds with ​an average of over € 500 million of asset under management.

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Our Leaders

Fabrizi​o Montanari, CEO

Fabrizio brings over threedecades of ​industry experience. He is also the expert ​in finance engineering and Fund Market .

H. Burak Erten , Executive Director

Burak is a fund manager in Luxembourg and ​Malta and is an expert in structured finance, risk ​mitigation strategies . In a private business ​capacity, he consults in geo-political negotia-​tions with multiple Governments and Non-​Governamental organizations .

Walter Panzeri, Managing director

An entrepreneur by profession, Walter leads ​both the finance and structuring teams. His ​expertise is on mergers and acquisitions, real ​est​ate and private debt.

Anna Teresa Plantamura ​Executive Director

Anna Teresa 's background in Banking and ​Wealth Management makes her a pro at ​Group Executive Team. She is Fund ​Manager and Board Member of the ​Management Company of the Group.

Ali Badran, Executive Director

A Banker by profession, Ali leads the ​​institutional funding & banking teams.

His ​expertise is in structured Investment & ​Financing Program, Sovereign, Sub-Sovereign, ​risk mitigation strategies, and credit enhanced ​transactions. Liquidity provider to institutional ​clients, sovereigns, Off-takers, and EPC’s ​(private & public sector).

Mirko La Rocca , CFO and CIO

Mirko background in Banking and ​corporate management makes him a pro at ​Group operations. He also handles the risk ​advisory & Compliance Team.

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